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Skin Care Isn't A Luxury,

Skin Care Is A Necessity.

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Behind The Glow

Alícia started her beauty journey 10+ years ago. She started out styling hair and later shared her hair tips via YouTube. Gaining over 2 million views combine and attention from several known brands, Alícia then started her journey as a freelance makeup artist in 2012. Alícia dedicated herself to learn as much as possible in the industry by taking classes, yielding to the advice of professional makeup artists and working experience. Eventually, Alicia would gain experience in bridal makeup, editorial, prom, fashion shows, headshots, men grooming and being digital published.

Shifting gears became evident after doing makeup for many. Alícia started to notice that many felt the need to hide their imperfections and not embrace them nor try to correct them. She knew this feeling all so well previously struggling with her own skin woes, Alícia knew this was the sign to begin her Esthetician career.

While Alícia enjoy and love everything about esthetics, her primary focus is corrective skin care. Committed to changing lives, Alícia is eager to educate the complexities of multicultural skin and continue to learn and gain knowledge. Are you struggling with your skin and need a routine to get started towards healthy skin? Book your skin assessment now!

Owner of Glow On This Skin
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Skin Care

The skin is the biggest organ and need as much attention to it as the internal organs. On our blog would be sharing the basic steps in skin care. We'll later dive in on how to treat the complexities of multi-cultural skin, how ethnicity plays a part in correcting skin of color and why these group of people are sometimes overlook in this industry.

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