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Frequently Asked Questions

We combined our Policy and FAQ together in a question format. Please View below.

Which payment methods does Glow On This Skin accept?

Glow On This Skin LLC accepts ALL major credit/debit.

Do you offer refunds on services?

Unfortunately, no refunds are allowed. At the end of each service you'll be provided or email a brief survey for your service. We highly encourage you to fill out the survey. Feedback is always welcome to improve quality of service. 

Will I be charged if I cancel my appointment?

We understand that things comes up however, due to the nature of time and services provided, a 48 hr noticed is required before the day of service and the card on file will be charged 20% of the service booked for cancellation. At any time after several failed attempts of processing payment, you will not be allowed to book any future appointments until past balance is paid. Cancellations of 3 consecutive appointments will be terminated  from our spa.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges on products?

Safety and preventative measures is always our goal for all clients. Once, a product leaves the spa and/or ordered and delivered to you we no longer offer a refund nor an exchange. If there is any issue through delivery with an online order please email us at


Can I purchase products provided from my service?

We are so glad that you enjoyed the service and is ecstatic about starting your skin care journey. Your Esthetician will curate an at home treatment plan especially for you. While some products are available for the client to continue at home to achieve results, some professional products can only be used by a Licensed Professional and will not be available for at home use nor for purchase.

I canceled my appointment twice this month, can I rebook again?

Consideration and time is taken with high regards when servicing our clients. We totally understand that the inevitable can happen. At any moment if emergencies arise and/or you become ill and are unable to make a schedule appointment, please contact us within a reasonable time. Upon discussion if both parties conclude that you're unable to commit to a schedule appointment at the moment please do not re-book again until you're sure you are ready to start your skin care journey. Cancellations of 3 consecutive appointments will be terminated from our spa. Charges will apply for any cancel booked appointments.

Why do you charge for cancelations and late appointments?

We know additional fees can be a bummer. Please be mindful that they are many clients who are ready and committed to starting their skin care journey. Your Esthetician is also committed and invested in helping each client. In order to achieve amazing results, it takes time. It's unfair to any client and Esthetician who's ready to start treatment and can't due to a cancellation, tardiness and No Call No Shows. Here at Glow On This Skin LLC we value the time of every individual.

What is your policy for No Call No Show?

You will be charged 50% of the service booked. Two No Call No Shows in a row will result in termination from our spa. No exceptions! Please communicate with us if you can not or is going to be late to an appointment. Charges will apply to cancellations and/or late appointments.

Do you have a grace period if I'm late to my appointment?

We understand that time isn't always on our side. We allowed a 5 minute grace period for any 30 minute service and 10 minute grace period for any service an hour or over. You will be charge a $15 late fee. Please me mindful that your service time will be reduce because of tardiness (Ex: If a massage is part of your service the massage time will be reduce). Any service that is under 30 minutes and/or if you'll more than 10 minutes late for a service an hour or over will be canceled and card will be charged a 20% of the service booked. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you have multiple services booked, one or all services will be canceled

Do I have to use the products that my Esthetician recommends?

We only use professional products that are effective into you achieving results. Your Esthetician designs a treatment plan uniquely for your skin and have received some amazing results from other clients and is knowledgeable about the products recommended for you. Please be committed to invest into your skin care journey.

How long does it take for me to see results?

We know sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Real results takes time and a little patience. Everyone's skin is different and results vary from each client. Some clients may see results sooner than expected depending on skin condition, age, lifestyle, etc. We will love to give you a date when you can expect to see results but, that wouldn't be realistic. Please be patient and know that real skin care can take time but, your Esthetician is working hard with you always in mind so you can be your own skin care goals.

I completed my plan and still don't see results, what to do now?

We totally understand if you're disappointed about your results. Our goal at Glow On This Skin is to make every client feel that they can be their own skin goals. At the end of any treatment, if you feel you haven't achieve the results you were looking for, please discuss your concerns with your Esthetician so they can further assist you.

Why do I have to signed so many forms?

We know paperwork can be boring but, it's a reason behind all the madness. Documentation is big part of achieving great skin care. Your Esthetician can easily refer to your file to see prior treatments, what products were used and if any reactions occur. It would be all notated. You signing the forms just states that a treatment plan and/or service was discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

Do I have to take pictures for my services?

Pictures is also part of the documentation. We use pictures to evaluate the progress of your skin care journey. We understand sometimes you may feel discouraged and may feel you'll never reach your skin care goals. Referring to pictures can help encourage you and keep you committed to the journey. It's good to see where it all started and how far you've come. We always provide a Photo release form for you to fill out. There's no way will ever share your pictures without your consent. However, we encourage you to share your journey to help others.

Can I video record or take pictures during my appointment?

We know sharing your journey is exciting. We are equally excited for all our clients journey. However, due to the nature of time we ask for you not to record nor take pictures during your service. We ask that phones be silent and no phone used during the course of service. We like to create a more intimate vibe at the spa. Please feel free to take a selfie after service.

Can I bring someone to my appointment?

We're always practicing preventative measures and all of our clients safety is top priority. Due to COVID, no additional individuals are allowed. This includes any children. Please be considerate that the scheduled client is allowed in the spa. At any time if a child is to be service, the child will need to be accompanied by a consenting adult and is require to fill out a Parent/Guardian form. Then the Parent/Guardian will be escorted to waiting area (if available) or asked to wait in the car. If you as a Parent/Guardian isn't comfortable with your child being serviced without you in the room please do not book. These rules will be strictly enforced and aren't negotiable. No Exceptions! 

How do I know which treatment to book first?

If you have a skin care concern that you would like to correct please don't guess and book a service. As Licensed Professionals we can accommodate your concerns. Simply book a consultation and/or a consultation + treatment and we can design a treatment plan just for you.

Why do I need to book a consultation first?

We understand you have done all your research and would like to jump right into business. We encourage all our clients to educate themselves about different services. However, not all skin is alike and sometimes getting services without proper assessment can do more harm than good. We wouldn't want you to go through unnecessary skin woes. For our specialty treatments you will always have to schedule a consultation first. As your Licensed Esthetician we like to get know your lifestyle and get acquainted with your skin. This makes for a more proper and thorough analysis. If you would like to receive one of our specialty services such as: Chemical Exfoliation, Epidermabrasion, Hydrodermabrasion and Nano- needling  please book a consultation first. Your appointment will be cancel if booked without consultation.

Can I received a Brazilian or any intimate wax services while on my menstrual cycle?

We asked that you scheduled an intimate wax service 2 days prior or 2 days after receiving your menstrual cycle. Your appointment  will  be cancel if you're on your menstrual cycle. Cancellation fee may apply. Service provided to Women genitals ONLY!

How do I prep for my intimate wax service?

We asked that you shower before an intimate wax service. Upon entry you will be provided cleansing wipes to cleanse the areas that will be serviced. Please clean areas until cleansing wipes show no traces of debris. Ideally you should clean from front to back. At any time if debris is discover, your Esthetician may pause the appointment to allow you to clean the area in question. Additional charges may apply due to time.

Can I passed my package series to someone else?

No. Be mindful that any package series is uniquely created for your specific skin needs. Anyone that is interested into corrective skin care will need to book their own consultation and package series.

Can I book my package series at any date?

Your Esthetician have created a treatment plan specifically for you. Included in this treatment plan is also the time frame where you can possibly see results. Any delays due to scheduling at wrong times can prolong results. If your Esthetician recommended for you to book your next appointment in two weeks please do so. Late scheduling can throw off your treatment plan. We asked for all of our clients to be committed and follow the exact treatment plan that was provided to you. 

I asked a question on social media, why no one responded?

We know that ideally social media is the wave for communicating. However, we asked that if you have a question or any concerns to email us at This way we can assure that your question or concern will be address. 

Do you accept walk-ins?

No. We're still practicing social media distancing at this time.

Why do you asked for my ID and credit/debit card used to book my appointment in the spa?

We definitely don't want to make your appointment uncomfortable and no we won't double charge you for your service. There's a lot of fraudulent that's happening in the world today and you'll be surprise how far some will go, including in our industry. We like for all our clients to trust that we are taking the necessary steps to prevent any identity theft. Before each appointment we will verify personal identification including credit/debit card to reassure that it was you who booked the appointment.

If I get to my appointment early can I start my service ASAP?

No. There are allotted times for all services no matter if you arrive early or late. Be mindful that your Esthetician can be servicing another client before your scheduled appointment and would need to adhere to disinfection and sanitation procedures after the appointment

I know I'm late and don't mind paying the fees can I still keep my appointment?

No. There are allotted times for all services no matter if you arrive early or late. Be mindful that your Esthetician may be servicing another client after your scheduled appointment and it wouldn't be fair to the client who has arrived on time. 

Do I have to do a patch test before my appointment?

We like to leave this decision solely to our clients. As Licensed Professionals we will always encourage a patch test prior to service. We know it can be a hassle but, the safety for our clients is our top priority. The patch test is free and will require for you to fill out a form. You can always declined if you're a regular to the service and/or product in question. Again if you're new to any service and/or product that requires a patch test we encourage you do so. It's advise not to try any new service that requires a patch test before any special day. If a reaction occur after you've declined a patch test, the client is responsible for any medical costs and a refund will not be granted.

How to add on a service after booking?

We love to hear that you're dedicated to achieving healthy skin. Adding on a service is simple. At the time of your appointment discuss which add-on you'll like to purchase and your Esthetician will charge your card. Now, your add-on would be part of your service. Be mindful that our specialty services or longer services may not be accommodated due to scheduling. The above only applies to add-ons (we may be able to accommodate shorter services if no one has schedule an appointment after your initial appointment). Any services (long or short) to be added to your initial appointment will be schedule under the discretion of your Esthetician

Why do I have to pay before my appointment?

On the day of your appointment we like to have a lot of the extra fuss out the way and jump straight into business. This of course is not our only reason! We love to know when our clients are serious about their skin care.Together both the client and Esthetician is building a trusting relationship. Payment received prior to your appointment is reassuring your Esthetician that you're ready and serious about  achieving your ultimate skin goals. Also, you don't have to worry about the hassle of finally getting an appointment if you book ahead. 

What's the difference between a consultation and a consultation + treatment?

A consultation is where you and your Esthetician discuss your skin concerns and any areas you would like to improve. The Esthetician furthermore would analyze the condition of your skin and go over a treatment plan that would be right for you. A consultation + treatment  is all what's stated above plus a customizable facial targeting the areas of concern. Your Esthetician then would follow up with a recommended treatment plan for you

How old does a child has to be to book an appointment?

Ideally the child would need to be experiencing puberty to book an appointment. Ages 12-17. A parent/guardian would need to sign a Parent/Guardian consent form in order to receive service for the child. Be mindful that only the scheduled client is allowed in the spa area. Parent/Guardian would be escorted to a waiting area (if available) or be asked to wait in the car. If at anytime a Parent/Guardian isn't comfortable with their child being service alone, please do not book this service.

Will I get charge for changing the date of my appointment?

No. We required a 48 hr notice from the time of your appointment. Simply contact us via text or email and we can accommodate your request. Changing date of an appointment is only allowed twice in one month any time there after, cancellation fee will apply and your appointment will be cancel. Please be mindful that the day you're inquiring about may not be available. If you're unable to fulfill your new scheduled appointment and need to cancel, you will be charged a $25 non-refundable and non-transferable cancellation fee.

What are model prices?

Occasionally if there's a new service that's being offer and/or a service that needs to be advertised via social media we may offer the service at a reduce rate. Models will have to agree via consent form to have their pictures taken and/or be recorded. This option is not offered when models aren't needed.

How do I re-book for an appointment?

After each appointment your Esthetician will always assist you with setting up your next appointment. To re-book an appointment in the spa, requires a 50% deposit to hold appointment. Your Esthetician will send an invoice for the remaining 48 hrs prior to your appointment date. Failure to pay balance will forfeit your deposit and would be consider a cancellation (fees will apply). We recommend to pay full balance day of re-booking to secure your appointment. You have the option to book your next appointment via our website. Be mindful that booking later that your desire appointment date may not be available.

Why am I unable to receive certain services?

Safety is always our goal when servicing our clients. Your Esthetician will always review your file and determine if you're a good candidate for any service requested. At any moment if your Esthetician after evaluating your file and discover any contraindications where a possible risk can occur your appointment will be cancel and/or another option (if possible) will be presented. Be mindful that Glow On This Skin LLC can declined appointments at any given time.

I've reached out and no one has contacted me back, why?

We know that you're eager to set an appointment, want to know when you're going to receive your products and/or may need to ask a question. We're too wanting to address each one of our clients as quickly as possible. However, please be patient and allow 24-48 hrs for a response. Please be mindful that we're unable to respond to you immediately if we're servicing a client. As of right now the prefer methods are text (847.461.8100) or email ( If you would like to receive a response after business hours please provide your email even if you've been communicating through text. Thanks for being patient and understanding.

I've ordered products and haven't receive them yet, why?

We know the quicker you start using your products, the quicker you'll see results. As always we couldn't be more happy that you're ready to commit to this journey. However, depending on the regimen your Esthetician recommend, some products would be shipped straight to your doorstep. While we try our best to keep you updated on shipping times, unfortunately the actual shipping date and time may become inaccurate due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. No need to contact us about your products, we'll contact you with the latest updates via text or email.

I've received a corrective treatment and haven't received my aftercare instructions, why?

Honesty is the best policy here at Glow On This Skin LLC. Depending on the time of the year certain corrective services are highly requested and therefore we are servicing many clients. We proud ourselves on being mostly digital base while also keeping our clients in mind. Our forms are digital and it's mandatory for every client to fill out forms. On our forms some of the information we ask for is contact information (ie: name, address, number, email etc) and you may have to fill out this information multiple times. We want to assure you that this is done on purpose. Please fill out all of your forms legibly and full completed address. Digital aftercare cards will be sent via email. If you haven't received a digital aftercare card, chances are we weren't able to understand your contact info on any of your forms. Please be mindful that we service many clients and we want all our clients to achieve amazing results. 

Why aren't my Classic lash extensions full?

Classic Lash Extensions offers the most natural look while slightly enhancing your own natural lashes. A Classic lash style is achieve by gluing a single lash extension to a natural lash. Achieving a natural full look varies from person to person depending on how full a person's own natural lashes are. If you want to achieve a slight fuller but natural look we recommend you to try a Hybrid lash extension style. 

What is a Hybrid lash extension style?

If you like to achieve a natural but slight fuller lash style we recommend a Hybrid lash style. Hybrid lash extensions style is 50% Classic and 50% Fans. A Hybrid style can be achieve in a few ways. Fans can be 3D (a cluster lash consist of 3 lashes that are light weight) and/or 6D (a cluster lash consist of 6 lashes that are light weight). Be mindful that more 3D's that are use in this style the more natural it would look. 6D's offer more of a fuller look. Whichever style is chosen, Hybrid is always achieved with 50% Classic (single lash) and 50% Fans (cluster lash).

What are Volume lash extensions?

Volume lash extensions are achieved by using only fans. Fans comes in 3D, 4D... 6D, 8D, etc. The higher the number, the more lashes that are in the cluster( lash extension). Mega volume lash styles are achieved with a higher number cluster (ex: 10D).

The Lash Specialist said I'm not a candidate for lash extensions, why?

Be mindful that Lash extensions are a luxury service. Not everyone will be a good candidate for this service. If you have no lashes, weak and brittle lashes, thin lashes, your Lash Specialist may declined booking due to wanting to protect the integrity of your lashes. This is also for volume lashes. If the specialist determines after evaluating your lashes that you're no longer a good candidate for volume lashes, the specialist may recommend a much natural look or to take a break from extensions until your lashes are healthy again. Please be advise that the safety of our clients are top priority and any Specialist can decline a service.

Why does it take long to do my lash extensions?

Lash Extensions is a luxury service and therefore a lot of time and thought goes into creating a custom style for each client. Also be mindful that the amount of lashes that each client has varies from person to person. We will always protect the health of every client's own natural lashes. This service isn't a rush service and we ask for you to be patient. The minimum time on a set of lashes is approximately 2.5 hours with the goal to fill 90% to 100% of your lashes. This method is the ultimate goal which in return will allow for you having successful Fill appointments. Please do not book this service on a day where you can't commit to the allotted times/hours.


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